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Computing in Economics and Finance '99

Plenary Sessions

Three plenary sessions will be held, one each afternoon of the conference.

Friday, 16:00-17:00: Prof. John Geweke, University of Minnesota

Computational Experiments and Reality

Saturday, 15:45-16:45: Prof. Andrew Lo, Sloan School, M.I.T.

Foundations of Technical Analysis: Computational Algorithms,
Statistical Inference, and Empirical Analysis

The third plenary session will be held

Thursday, 16:00-17:30: Developments in Computer Languages for Economics and Finance

Organizer and Moderator: Professor Mario J. Miranda The Ohio State University
Dr. Cleve Moler Chair and Chief Scientist The MathWorks, Inc.
Dr. Tom Wickham-Jones Director of Strategic Development Wolfram Research, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Bruce Senior Product Manager MathSoft, Inc.
Dr. Jurgen Doornik Research Officer in Economics Nuffield College, Oxford
Dr. Ronald Schoenberg Director of Applications Development Aptech Systems, Inc.

This session on the future of computing languages brings together leading developers of Gauss, Mathematica, MATLAB, Ox, and S-Plus, who will discuss recent and upcoming product developments that will affect the utility of their languages in economic and financial analysis. A question-and-answer session will allow audience members to voice concerns and suggest improvements in language structures, and to inform product developers about the computational needs of economists and finance professionals.

Sponsored by the Department of Economics and the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management