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Boston College International Economic Policy and Political Economy Seminar

This interdisciplinary seminar series focuses on topics of relevance for current economic policymaking, including analysis of political and strategic dimensions. The series features speakers from the academic world with experience in policymaking and/or a record of policy-relevant research as well as speakers from policy institutions. The seminars will focus on the substantive insights that the speakers will offer on present-day policy questions rather than technique. The target audience includes undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty in economics, political science, international studies, finance, and history.

This seminar is available to undergraduate students as the one-credit, pass/fail course EC295.01 (Prerequisites: EC131 and EC132). This course does not count as an economics elective.

Seminar Archive

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Fall 2012 Schedule

Fabio Ghironi

Papers will generally be available from this page as .pdf files. Click on the paper title to download the paper.

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All seminars are held on Mondays, 4:00-5:30 PM, Higgins 310 (unless otherwise noted).




September 17

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Harvard University

"The European Crisis in Perspective"
[Listen to this seminar]


October 4 (Thursday, Devlin 101)

James Poterba, MIT and NBER

"Economic Policy Challenges of Aging Populations"


October 15

Michael Klein, Tufts University

"Capital Controls: Gates versus Walls"
[Listen to this seminar]
[View the slides]


November 5

David Cameron, Yale University

"The Eurozone Debt Crisis: Stumbling Toward a 'Genuine' EMU"
[Watch this seminar]


November 12

Laura Alfaro, Harvard University

"Selection, Reallocation, and Spillover: Identifying the Sources of Gains from Multinational Production"
[Watch this seminar]


November 16 (Friday, 3:30-5:00, Higgins 300)

Nazli Choucri, MIT

"Cyberspace and Sustainability"
[Watch this seminar]


December 4 (Tuesday, Devlin 101)

Hyun Song Shin, Princeton University

"The Euro Crisis through the Lens of Capital Flow Reversals"
[Watch this seminar]


December 10

Claudia Buch, University of Tuebingen

"The European Debt Crisis and the Banking Union Proposal"
[Watch this seminar]


This seminar series is funded by the Institute for the Liberal Arts, whose support is gratefully acknowleged.

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