Wednesday, May 4, 2011 FTC minutes


1.  Hardware repair:  Hardware repair services will be outsourced on or about July 1, 2011.  FTCs will be notified across campus when decision reached.  Should save money and speed up repairs – procedure will remain roughly the same for staff or faculty user.


2.  Gasson Hall new electronic environment:  new design standards equal to what will be in Stokes.

            20 rooms

            New capability for digital inputs and wiring

            Rooms will have either podium or freestanding rack depending on size

            Digital (HDMI/DVI) and analog (VGA) inputs

            Screens 16X20

            Projectors HD capable – 1080i

            DVD/VHS combination decks

            Push-button controllers (as elsewhere across campus)

            e-Control classroom monitoring software – monitoring from a central office

            “Select” rooms will have Classroom Capture and iClickers


            Access to Gasson August 17 means a 2 week window for installs

            All faculty teaching in Gasson will be email alerted about the new equipment.  Training available.  Media Tech Services will have staff in Gasson during first week to assist.



3.  Student laptops.   Because so many students come to BC with PCs purchased elsewhere, a major change, as yet incomplete, is sought by ITS….  See below.


4.  Raffle. Our customary end-of-academic-year drawing by lot of techno-goodies this year includes:

three iPad 32 WiFi-s;

an iPod Touch 32;

[all with AppleCare]

and some USB flash drives.



Correction (on May 5, 2011):   memo from Barry Schaudt:


The decision to make changes to the BC Laptop program was far closer to

being made than I understood and presented to you on Wednesday, May 4,

2011.  I would like to give you the latest.


Due to the success of the Bookstore/Follett selling Apple systems in the

past year and the declining number of PCs sold through BC's Back to

School program:


1. All laptops will be offered through the Bookstore/Follett this year.

Last year, the Bookstore sold Apples and students went through a

separate ITS selected online vendor for Dell sales. This year the

Bookstore will offer Apple and HP Laptops, providing one-stop shopping

for students and equal representation of the two main operating systems.


2.The Windows laptops will no longer come with a BC image. The impact of

this change is anticipated to be minimal since the Help Desk is

already  supporting a multitude of hardware/software configurations

using the  Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT). Students will continue to be

able to  download Office and Virus Protection software from the BC

Software page.


3.The Bookstore will be marketing their offerings. They are in the

process of developing a postcard that will be sent to all incoming

students (undergraduate and graduate) very soon. ITS websites will be

updated accordingly and Training and Communications will provide talking

points for staff that interact with incoming students and parents.



The final “Lunch with Information technology Services” is Thursday, May 5, 2011 in Lyons Rat at noon.



Barry Schaudt

Mary Durr, Director, TCs

Scott Olivieri, Manager, Web Technologies – support for all websites (servers, sites, and web design

Manish Puri, Manager, Middleware Services – “Middleware supports application infrastructure and services.  Some of the tools and services supported include:

            Identity Management technologies

            Network-related technologies

            University portal environment

            McAfee’s ePO and VirusScan

            Emergency notification system

            Print management servcies