Sept 25, 2012 Tuesday


Charge of FTCs.  From Provost – chair needs to know what the charge is.  Communication with colleagues – tech contact.  Informational, not technical.  No expectation of expertise.


1.  Rita Owens  Learning Management System updates:  Blackboard replacement – Scott Olivieri and Beth Clark have been leading a team.  RFP sent out.  Interest in Sakai – why not Sakai?  The movement of Open Source has taken a new direction – the new is Sakai OAE.   OAE refers to "Open Academic Environment".  Blackboard will not be supporting Vista after this December – browser issues have already come to some BC users;  Blackboard is not going to help going forward.


Consideration of Sakai has been suspended because it is likely to take too long.


Summer, 2012 – look at other products on the market:  Michael Bourque, Alec Peck, and Don Hafner  an advisory committee.  This fall there is a plan to come to a decision.  One criterion - new LMSs that are open for plug-ins from Google and Facebooks.  The committee is not eager to show its hand, but one among these is Blackboard's own product - Bb9;  Desire to Learn; Canvas (Instructure).   


Technical questions exist – after recommendation is finalized.  But an Open Academic Environment-type solution is sought.


2.  Introduction of new IT hire Scott  CannTechnology Director, IT Support Services, IT Support – new entity within IT – result of Michael Bourque's reorganization.  Second in command, in a way.


Scott occupies Support Services "Leadership" Position – "ambassador for ITS";  point man.  Recently at NU; similar role there;  also worked at MIT Lincoln Lab in Lexington.


Under Scott Cann's purview/umbrella:  Help Desk; TCs; Media Technology Services (Dave Corcoran); Julie Olivieri's group (BCCR) AND Barry Schaudt's group.  Summer used to meet/converse with everyone in these groups and this organization.  What was/is working for system and staff both?


Scott Cann "Tentative Findings" from the summer of listening:  Back-to-School AND BCCR3.



1.     TC org could use reorganization, but TCs are well-regarded across the university;  TCs not best-utilized (talent/situation match).

2.     Media tech services – "modernize" classroom technology; a history of erection of protective walls between functions (between Media Services and IDes, etc.);  better integration needed.

3.     Technical sophistication deficit – staff development the key.

4.     BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) era is upon us.  Hitherto this has been perceived as a danger/threat;  how to make this an opportunity;  "Help Desk" paradigm is obsolete.  BYOD includes Ipads that are personally owned; iPhone 5; etc. 

5.     BCCR located badly within the structure – what it does so well is perhaps an obstacle to other communications with faculty?  But the BCCR process is extremely important.  Dilemma here.

6.     External partnerships – Scott seeks collaboration with entities like the FTC group.

7.     "Virtue cycles of personal improvement" – basis for great customer service – stress on staff development.

Michael Connolly suggestion – be sure new structures know about FTCs so that we are not informed through Chairs (who often assume FTCs know or who simply do not consider this a priority).


Kit Baum – call for some approach faster than BCCR replacement pace;  how to keep ahead of innovation;  IT online support documents often several versions behind those in use in classrooms.    Model and example:  Econometrics statistics is placing itself online – support provided for enabling students to enter this Citrix environment – support active and up to date..


Final comment from Scott Cann - plans to attend our meetings along with Barry Schaudt whenever possible/useful.


3. EduRoam – Kit Baum outlined a worldwide federation of academic and research institutions – global and growing in US.  Institutions that participate allow faculty from one place to be "credentialed" at any other institution (use wifi, library, etc.).    Each institution must offer a Radius Server to enable authentication from home institutions.  BC now has an EduRoam site – BC faculty can be certified with username and password.  System tested last summer – from Humboldt University in Berlin.  Kit reports the presence of EduRoam in places like UChicago, Brown.  Europe blanketed by EduRoam hotspots.   It is already an advantage for us BC faculty.  We are obliged to make it work for others who visit our campus.


IT will need to adjust because this is a backdoor into our digital system.  Issue of eligibility of students, grad and undergrad.  Who to contact?  Eileen Shepherd, Collaboration Systems Manager, Collaboration Services, Information Technology Svs?  Is there a process as yet?  Do access points need to be set up around campus? – the current wireless system is not the same system;  Eduroam hotspots required.  Kit has pushed this for faculty alone so far.  Those interested should inquire.


4. Kuali.org  and student information system -  Open Source student info system – BOT approved going in that direction (many millions, but cheaper than proprietary systems).  Overleaps Peoplesoft type systems:  consortium of schools all active now in development.  This summer BC has already begun a financial aid information system (with Sigma Systems – a private vendor who is providing their code to Kuali) 


Records and registration system is beginning as well.  The early effort is directed at course numbering.  The UIS system (IBM3270) is obsolete as a "course numbering system".  Louise Lonabacher will be dealing with departments on new Department labels and numbers;  data will be tagged in new ways.  Course renumbering will be slowly eased in.  Implementation process has already begun.  Organizing, Tagging and Searching.   UCT and ATAB have been consulted.  Lonabacher is going to departments next.


5.  Rita – Bert Garza speech at Faculty Convocation – Teaching Initiatives

1.     No MOOCs – not spending 60 million

2.     Online programs and certificates not in our future

3.     Encourage student-faculty interaction using technology;   What does this mean?  ATAB and University Council on Teaching as entities that can generate good ideas in this endeavor.   Example: innovation grants: SON proposal last year to help Nursing build a simulation room;  "Hal".  Second year they asked for birthing mother and a baby….  Used with students who work with a faculty member before going out for clinical

4.     Flipped classroom:  knowledge to students by various means outside classroom.

5.     Freshman Book?  Engage with students before they arrive…. 


Woes and Joys

Keynote.  BC has closed the Keynote port for this app.  Apple TV .  Scott Cann will take this back to IT. 


Meetings:  New schedule of meetings proposed:   

Tuesday 23 October,

Wednesday 14 November,

Wednesday 12 December

No objection noted.  Meeting adjourned at 6:05 ish.


Respectfully submitted by Tim Duket