FTC Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 2 pm


Presenters:  Scott Olivieri and Melissa Beecher (website redesign), Christina Joy (CTE) and Scott Cann (IT)


1.  Update on bc.edu remake – Scott Olivieri and Melissa Beecher, team leaders;  tool used to develop prototype is Envision – going to the Provost for approval end of this week – Pat D. has been consulting with IT on the redesign for A&S;

Launch in July;  home page is for prospective students and parents – but audience page for “faculty/staff” needed – team will send around a form seeking feedback from faculty – open to any suggestions.  Focus on a Core of 30 pages in depth.  Drilling deeper will rely on the older design that will change over time. 


Committee shown a prototype version.


Question.  T. Oboe Lee – why a “parent” category – Google Analytics reports that these are a major user group. 

Discussion.  G. Wyner – common to have a “parents” pathway  at other universities.


Web page designed separately for tablet and phone versions – adjusted for viewport; site will not include Flash or Quicktimeinstead  reliance on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


2.  Joys.

M. Connolly – “Office Lens” (for devices – Android or Phone  5 and 6 – freebie app to photograph page, white board or screen to OCR reader.


Office “Square” Register – Ipad stand that will turn your device into a terminal; “Square” Cash transfers money ($Cash)


Amazon – registration through BC office allows avoiding sales tax and shipping charges.


3d printers – “Thingiverse  has a database of shapes; George Wyner made a Moebius strip


3.  Christina Joy – Excellence in Teaching Day

keynotes 9:50 until noon, first session


Panopto contract will be worked out this summer for Lecture Capture.  Much easier than Echo360.  Black Boxes in classrooms will be replaced with new appliances; a few new rooms (4 each year – Fulton and Cushing).    Migration from Echo will be facilitated.  28 classrooms equipped with cameras and audio;  cameras not equipped to swivel and follow…. 

G. Wyner  re:  chalkboard capture quality – not a great improvement in this regard. 


“Flipped Classroom Project” interest?   Contact Christina or Brian Blakely.    Project of ATAB innovation grant. 


3.  Scott Cann IT report (out of town at Apple in Cupertino)


a.  New phone sets coming to the offices – by summer’s end.   

b.  My Files migration to Google Drive – migration test this summer – info this fall on migration; Google Drive project needs Cloudlock;  MyFiles is being put inside firewall requiring VPN (for vestigial users). 


c.  Google non-Core services to be fully implemented by the fall – Google Hangout should be available under one login.


d.  Library services merge with IT going ahead – tour for FTCs in the offing.  vastly improved user experience…”  (S. Cann).


5.  Drones – George Wyner given a “Parrot Minidrone


6.  Prizes drawing as usual to end the year.