help dataplink                                                   (version 1.0) 
Daniel Elwood Cook {}         

dataplink -- Import .ped and .map files from recoded, tab delimited, plink files into Stata


dataplink using filename (Do not include .PED or .MAP)


dataplink is a simple program for importing recoded data from plink. Dataplink imports genotypic from .ped files and also imports variable names (snp names) from .map files.

Data from plink must be exported using the following commands:

--recode / --recode12 --tab

Once your data is exported from plink, you should have two files of the same name but with different extensions: .ped and .map. The .ped file contains genotype data while the .map file contains the names of the SNPs.

! Important: When you specify the filename do not use extensions (i.e. do not add .ped or .map). Dataplink will look for a .map and .ped file of the same name


Example Input

dataplink using "C:/my/dir/chrom1segment"

! Important: Notice that the file extension .map and .ped are not included!

! Important LIMIT: Stata can import a maximum of 32,767 variables in SE and MP flavors and 2,047 in IC. This means you can only import ~32,000 SNPs and ~2,000 depending on your version.