help for ^datesum^                                                 (version 1.2
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summary statistics for date variables -------------------------------------

^datesum^ date_varlist [^if^ exp] [^in^ range], ^F^ormat^(^date format^)^]

^by^ ... ^:^ may be used with ^datesum^; see help ^by^

Description -----------

^datesum^ displays summary distribution statistics for date variable(s) in date display format. The variables in the date_varlist are assumed to be stored as Stata elapsed-dates.

The output display format is: 1) from the ^format()^ option if specified, otherwise 2) the display format of the variable if a valid date format, otherwise 3) %dN/D/Y (eg. 03/31/99 )

Options -------

^format(^%d___^)^ should be a valid date display format. The default is to use the variable display format if a valid date format, otherwise %dN/D/Y.

Remarks -------

^datesum^ is a wrapper for the -summarize- command, allowing for the display of selected summary statistics in a date display format. Returned results are those left behind by -summarize varname, d- for the last variable in the date_varlist.

Author ------

Gary Longton, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr. glongton@@fhcrc.org

Also see --------

On line: help for @summarize@, @dates@, @dfmt@

Manual: ^[U] 15.5.3 Date formats^ ^[R] summarize^