help des10


des10 -- Describe data in file Stata-10 format (for Stata-9 users)


Describe data in Stata-10 file

des10 using filename


des10 produces a summary of the dataset stored in the format od Stata-10. This command is for Stata-9 users only.

des10 has no options. For saved results see help for official describe. varlist and sortlist are always saved. The following are never saved: r(N_max), r(k_max), and r(widthmax). This command is primarily for the programmers. Most users will use10 the dataset and describe it later with Stata's native describe.

des10 cannot describe datasets located on the web. Copy the data to a temporary file first.

Saved results

des10 saves the following in r():

Scalars r(N) number of observations r(k) number of variables r(width) width of dataset r(Version) file format version, e.g. 114 for Stata-10 r(ByteOrder) byteorder 1=HILO (Mac, Unix), 2=LOHI (PC Windows)

Macros r(varlist) variables in dataset r(sortlist) variables by which data are sorted


des10 was written by Sergiy Radyakin: sradyakin(at)

Also see

Online: describe, use10