help diplot


diplot -- double interval plot


diplot shape yvar evar xvar uvar [if] [in] [, options]

diplot shape y1var y2var x1var x2var [if] [in] , limits [options]

where shape is one of

rectangle rectangle with sides parallel to axes plus intersecting horizontal and vertical lines capplus as above, but line ends capped diamond diamond, with diagonals parallel to axes barrow bidirectional arrow

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interpretation of variables limits variables are to be interpreted as vertical and horizontal limits

Main plot shape() affect rendering of shape twoway_options affect other features of graph

Add plot addplot(plot) add other plots to the generated graph



diplot produces double interval plots using various specified shapes whose vertical and horizontal extents are specified by variables.

With the first syntax diplot produces symbols extending vertically from yvar - evar to yvar + evar and horizontally from xvar - uvar to xvar + uvar. evar and uvar must contain non-negative values.

With the second syntax, flagged by the limits option, diplot produces symbols extending vertically from yvar1 to yvar2 and horizontally from xvar1 to xvar2. Each symbol will have centres at (x1var + x2var)/2, (y1var + y2var)/2.


+-----------------------------+ ----+ Interpretation of variables +--------------------------------------

limits specifies that the four variables specified are to be interpreted as lower and upper vertical and horizontal limits.

+-----------+ ----+ Main plot +--------------------------------------------------------

shape() specifies options that affect rendering of the shapes defining the double intervals. Know that shapes rectangle, plus and diamond entail calls to twoway pcspike and that shapes capplus and barrow entail calls to twoway pcbarrow. Thus their options may be specified as appropriate.

twoway_options() are options of graph twoway controlling other features of the graph.

+----------+ ----+ Add plot +---------------------------------------------------------

addplot(plot) provides a way to add other plots to the generated graph. See addplot_option.


. diplot capplus y yerror x xerror, shape(lcolor(blue) mcolor(blue)) addplot(scatter y x, color(blue))

. diplot rectangle y1 y2 x1 x2, limits title(y versus x)


Vince Wiggins made encouraging noises. Nick Winter helpfully pointed out a silly bug.


Nicholas J. Cox, Durham University

Also see

Manual: [G] twoway

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