help dirmul


dirmul -- dirichlet multinomial regression


dirmul depvar [indepvars] [if] [in] , group(varname) [options]


dirmul fits the dirichlet-multinomial regression model. It is a parametric alternative to grouped conditional logit that allows for overdispersion. The data must be in the same format as for estimation with multin.


eqcorr Specifies the parameterization in terms of the intraclass correlation coefficient

stmul Uses the results from the grouped conditional logistic as starting values.

strho Set a starting value for rho (must be between 0 and 1). This option applies only if you are using the eqcorr option.

var2 Allows for the introduction of group level variables. These variables do not affect the choice probabilities.

pearson reports the Pearson chi-squared statistic.


Paulo Guimaraes, Division of Research, University of South Carolina. Email:


Guimaraes, P and Lindrooth, R. 2005. Dirichlet-Multinomial Regression Economics Working Paper Archive at WUSTL, Econometrics, n. 0509001

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