help docharedit 


docharedit - Editing characteristics to be run by dochar


docharedit evarname[charname] [["]text["]]


docharedit is used to edit characteristics which are run by dochar. To make life easier, they are edited in a Do-file editor window. This has two advantages: things are much more readable in the Do-file editor, and there are fewer details to deal with when it comes to special local macros used by dochar.


. docharedit myvar[valid_check] edits the valid_check characteristic attached to the variable myvar.


A more condition will appear in the results window. Do not clear it until after you have finished editing and have closed the Do-file editor window. If you clear the more condition, any unsaved or later changes will not be saved.

See docharprog for details about how to write do files which can be stored as characteristics.

Also see

Online: dochar, docharprog, ckvar_overview


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