help doparser


doparser -- Look for dta-files used in do-files|ado-files (plain-text)


doparser filename [, type(calltype) export(filename)]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- type(calltype) Filters the results acording to the calltype, where calltype can be use|sysuse|webuse|merge|save|append. export(filename) Export the results to a dta-file. -------------------------------------------------------------------------


Using regular expressions, doparser reads plain-text files and analize them looking for dta-files used in them (whatever form of how are used) and builds a summary table pointing every dta-files including name, type (usage), line number and location (directory).

This command was programmed as an exercise on Stata's regular expressions capabilities.

doparser preserves data.


Basic usage . doparser "C:/research/"

Using the same file but keeping only "save" files. Results are save in "myresults.dta" . doparser "C:/research/", t(save) e(myresults)


George Vega Yon, Superindentencia de Pensiones.