help for dotex                                                   (Roger Newson)

Execute commands from a file, creating a log file in SJ LaTeX

dotex filename [ arguments ]


dotex causes Stata to execute the commands stored in filename as if they were entered from the keyboard, and echos the commands as it executes them, creating a log file filename.tex in Stata Journal (SJ) LaTeX. The LaTeX log file (or parts of it) can then be included in a SJ LaTeX file (eg a SJ submission), using the SJ LaTeX stlog environment. If filename is specified without an extension, filename.do is assumed. If filename is specified with an extension, then the log file will have .log as an additional extension (so dotex will not overwrite the original do-file). Arguments are allowed (as with do), but the nostop option is not available.


dotex is adapted from dolog, which creates a generic text log file instead of a SJ LaTeX file. dotex is similar in function to the logopen and logclose programs, which can also be used to create SJ LaTeX log files. However, dotex has the advantage that one do-file can be run with either dotex, dolog or do, creating, respectively, a SJ LaTeX log, a generic text log or no log. Further information on SJ LaTeX can be found at the SJ website.


. dotex example1

. dotex example1 argone argtwo


Roger Newson, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, UK. Email: r.newson@imperial.ac.uk

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