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msq2ftsq Conversion between ounce <-> gramm (and others)

Syntax g2oz [ #[unit] [, unit(unit)]

# is a number and unit is a unit for mass.


g2oz converts standare measures of mass such as ounces or pounds given in one unit into various other units. The program is focused on converting gramms to ounces but it also provides conversion from/to the following other units:

Unit Explanation --------------------------------------------------------------- g gramm kg kilogramm oz ounce lb pound st stone tnl long ton (GB) tnsh short ton (US) gr grain ---------------------------------------------------------------

g2oz converts the numbers given by the user into all the measures mentiond above. If no unit is given, gramm is implied. The unit of the number can be specified with the number, or with the option unit(), or with both.


unit(unit) is used to specify the unit of the numbers provided. As unit, any of g, kg, oz, lb, st, tnl, tnsh and gr are allowed. Note carefully that gr stands for "grain", a measure commonly used for masses of bullets, gunpowder, and smokeless powder. The symbol for gramm is g.

The unit(s) can be appended directly to the specified number(s). If more than one number is specified, option unit() might be easier to use. Note that any unit specified for one specific number overwrites the unit-option for that number.


. g2oz . g2oz 4 . g2oz 1g 2kg 3oz 4lb 5st 6tnl 7tnsh 8gr . g2oz 1 4 9 12 100, u(lb)


Ulrich Kohler


I am grateful to Kit Baum for reporting a bug and making helpful suggestions.

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