help for genscore                                          Jean-benoit Hardouin

Module to generate a score

genscore varlist [if exp] [in range] [, score(newvarname) mean missing(string) replace]


genscore allows creating a new variable containing the score computed as the sum (or the mean) of the responses to the variables defined in varlist. The new variable will contain a missing value for each individual with at least one missing values among the variables of varlist.


score defines the name of the new variable (score by default).

mean allows obtaining a mean score (the sum of the responses is divided by the number of variables).

missing defines a specific modality of the variables which can be considered as a missing value.

replace allows replacing the variable defined in the score option if it already exists.


. genscore turn trunk mpg

. genscore item1-item20, score(totscore) mean missing(9)

. genscore var*, score(scorevar) replace


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