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Gini index, with within- and between-group inequality decomposition --------------------------------------------------------------------

^ginidesc^ varname [^[^fweights aweights^] if^ exp ^in^ range] ^,by^group^(groupvar)^ [^m^at^(^matname^)^ ^gk^mat^(^matname^)^]

This ado-file provides the Gini coefficient for the whole population, for each subgroup specified in ^groupvar^, and its Pyatt's (1976) decomposition in ^between^-, ^overlap^- and ^within^-group inequality. ^Groupvar^ is a categorical variable (not string) who determines the subgroups in which the population will be divided. It's mandatory that the command ^ineqdeco^ (S. P. Jenkins, 1998) are installed.

Options (Saved results) ------------------------

^mat(matname)^ Define a 4*2 matrix containing the inequality decomposition shown on the table displayed by the command.

^gkmat(matname)^ Define a K*2 matrix containing the values of the ca- tegorical variable in the first column, and the co- rresponding Gini coefficients in the second one.

Examples ---------

^ginidesc ing, by(educ_al) m(a1) gk(a2)^ Pyatt's Inequality decomposition

-----------+----------------------- Desig and | Grupos | Indice Part. -----------+----------------------- DESCOMP. | Between | 0.262 52.472 Overlap | 0.122 24.476 Within | 0.115 23.053 -----------+----------------------- TOTAL | Gini | 0.499 100.000 -----------+----------------------- Stored in matrix ^a1^ Gini Coefficient by subgroups of ^ing^ -----------+----------- K | Gini_k -----------+----------- 1 | 0.459 2 | 0.419 3 | 0.412 4 | 0.427 -----------+----------- Stored in matrix ^a2^

Authors --------

Roger Aliaga y Silvia Montoya <ieeracba@@satlink.com> Instituto de Estudios de la Realidad Argentina y Latinoamericana (IERAL) - Cordoba - Argentina

References -----------

Pyatt, G. (1976) "On the Interpretation and Disaggregation of Gini Coefficients", The Economic Journal, 86,(June), 243-255.

Also see ---------

@ineqdeco@ @ineqdec0@ if installed @ineq@ if installed @inequal@ [sg30: STB-23] if installed