help for ^gmci^                                                   (STB-??)

Geometric means and confidence intervals - ----------------------------------------

^gmci^ varlist [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ range ] [^, l^evel(#) ^a^dd(#) ^o^nly]

^aweights^ and ^fweights^ are allowed; see help for @weights@

Calculates ^geometric means^, and level-specified ^confidence intervals^, for one, or several variables at a time.

Options - -------

^l^evel(#) allows the specification of the desired confidence interval level. When specified, the level parameter, ^#^, ^must be an integer from 10 to 99^. The default value is ^95^ (%).

^a^dd(#) allows a specified value to be added to all variables in varlist prior to calculating the geometric mean and confidence interval. This is handy when there are nonpositive values.

^o^nly has no effect unless the -add- option is used. When both options are specified, the -add- option will only be applied to variables that have nonpositive values.

Saved results - -------------

The command stores the following statistics in global macros:

^S_1^ - number of observations ^S_3^ - geometric mean ^S_5^ - lower bound of confidence interval ^S_6^ - upper bound of confidence interval

N.B.: when several variables are specified in a single command line, the above macros retain the values for the ^last^ variable ^in the list^.

Authors - -------

John Carlin <carlin@@cryptic.rch.unimelb.edu.au> Suzanna Vidmar <vidmars@@cryptic.rch.unimelb.edu.au> (Royal Children's Hospital and University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia) Carlos Ramalheira <cramal@@cygnus.ci.uc.pt> (Coimbra University Hospital, Coimbra, Portugal)

Based on original contributions by William Gould <wgould@@stata.com> and Nick Cox <N.J.Cox@@durham.ac.uk>.