help for gphepssj                                                (Roger Newson)

Translate a list of Stata graph files from .gph to .eps as used for figures in > The Stata Journal

gphepssj name_list

where name_list is a list of file names without extensions.


gphepssj translates a list of Stata .gph files to a list of Encapsulated PostScript .eps files with the same names and different extensions, containing figures of the usual default size used by The Stata Journal (SJ). If the list is name_1 ... name_n, then the .gph files are assumed to be named name_1.gph ... name_n.gph, and the .eps files are created as name_1.eps ... name_n.eps. If the .eps files already exist, then they are replaced.


gphepssj was written to save SJ authors the trouble of writing multiple translate commands and finding out and remembering the default xsize and ysize options for translate used by the SJ editors. It is intended for SJ authors who wish to preview their inserts using SJ LaTeX with the figures at the right size. It should be stressed that the SJ editors prefer to be supplied with the original .gph files in a SJ submission, so they can manually adjust them. For further SJ submission guidelines, refer to the SJ Web site.


. gphepssj figurew figurex figurey figurez


Roger Newson, King's College, London, UK. Email: roger.newson@kcl.ac.uk

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