help for ^grfreq^

Plots proportion of one variable by categories of another ----------------------------

^grfreq^ outcome strata [if] [, outcom(integer) gropt(...) yaxis01 ]

Description -----------

^grfreq^ plots proportions of one variable by categories of another.

For a binary variable, this could be the prevalence of a trait.

By default, the proportion of interest is that of the minimal value of the outcome variable. The outcome of interest can be changed.

Options -------

^gropt(...)^ specifies a string with options that are passed along to the graph command.

^outcom(integer)^ specifies that the outcome of interest should be a given value. The default is the minimal value of the outcome variable.

^yaxis01^ scales the y-axis from 0 to 1 and gives axis ticks and labels.

Remarks ------- This program does not accept weights yet. It should be easily modified for this. Just fiddle around with the "table" statement.

Examples --------

. ^grfreq^ response age . ^grfreq^ response age, gropt("xlab(15(10)70)") . ^grfreq^ response age, outcom(1)

Author ------- Jan Brogger, University of Bergen, Norway jan.brogger@@med.uib.no

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