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Generates within group minimum and maximum distances ----------------------------------------------------------

^groupdist^, ^x^(varname) ^y^(varname) group(varname), [^inkm^] Description -----------

^groupdist^ Generates the minimum and maximum distance between observations in a group using latitude and longitude. The variable used in ^group^(varname) indicates which group each observation belongs to.

The option ^inkm^ indicates that distances should be reported in kilometers rather than miles, which is the default.

Generated variable ^maxdist^ contains the minimum within group distance, and ^maxdist^ contains the maximum within group distance.

Note ----

For a full description of this program see:

Bornmann, L. & Ozimek, A. (in press). Stata commands for importing bibliometric > data and processing author address information. Journal of Informetrics

This program requires ^vincenty^.

See Also ------- ^wosload^, ^wosaddress^, ^geocode^

Authors -------

Adam Ozimek Econsult Corporation ozimek@econsult.com Lutz Bornmann Max Planck Society bornmann@gv.mpg.de