help mail


E-mail partial progress from within stata code


mail From: sender@site1; To:recipient@site2; Subject: #;# [using filename] [, options]


mail uses the OS's underlying sendmail program to send you emails. It is meant to be used from withing programs running for a long time and send emails to either an email-to-sms gateway of your sms provider or to a mail push service so that you get progress reports on your cell phone or handheld in the form of sms or email. It can append a number of lines from a given file typically the last lines from the file your program is logging into. For that you need to install ashell (ssc install ashell)


+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

using filename append a max of 50 lines of bottom of filename to body.

,lines(integer 50) Makes sense in the presence of "using filename". Modifies the default of 50.


This program will work on MacOS X, Linux, Unix and the like. Could be made to work on windows. May port it there if demand manifests itself.

Examples The command below . mail From:; To:; Subject: request; How about windows? will send an email looking like this: ------------------- From: To: Subject: request

How about windows? ------------------

Author Dr Nikos Askitas, IZA, Bonn, Germany. Email: