help for ^matpow^

Power of square matrix ----------------------

^matpow^ matrix new_matrix [ ^, p^ower^(^#^) iter^ate^(^#^)^ ^tol^erance^(^#^) f^ormat^(^%fmt^)^ ]

Description -----------

Given a square matrix A and power p ^matpow^ calculates and displays the pth power of A. The result is placed in a second matrix.

Options -------

^power(^#^)^ specifies the power. If not specified, the power is taken as effectively infinite: that is, powering is repeated until convergence (or until the limit imposed by ^iterate( )^).

^iterate(^#^)^ specifies the maximum number of iterations to attempt when powering until convergence. Default 100.

^tolerance(^#^)^ is a technical option indicating the criterion for convergence. This is the largest acceptable absolute difference between each matrix element and that element on the previous iteration. Default 1e-6.

^format(^%fmt^)^ controls the format with which the powered matrix is printed. Default ^format(%9.3f)^.

Examples --------

. ^matpow A B^ . ^matpow A B, p(3)^

Author ------

Nicholas J. Cox, University of Durham, U.K. n.j.cox@@durham.ac.uk