help for mcenter

Utility for Centering Variables at Their Mean

mcenter varlist [if exp] [in range] , [hl(varlist)] [sd(#)]

varlist = Variable list employs casewise deletion (i.e., variables are centered for the subset of observations that are not missing for all variables in varlist).


This centers variables at their mean and creates new variables, C_varname, with a mean of zero. New variable names are unique and will append numbers to the end as needed. Variable labels specifying the variable is centered (and the subset the centering was based upon) are attached to the variables. Use of the options can center variables at mean +/- some multiple of the sd. C_varnamehi = C_varname-(sd), C_varnamelo=C_varname-(-sd).


hl(#) specifies variables for which an alternative center is desired.

sd(#) specifies value of alternative center, in sd units, default = 1.0.


mcenter x y z mcenter x y z,hl(x) mcenter x y z,hl(x y) sd(2)


Jeffrey S. Simons - jsimons@usd.edu

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