help mcmcsummarize


mcmcsummarize varlist [if] [in] , saving(filename) [options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- saving(filename) location to save file of results replace overwrite existing results file addpctiles(numlist) additional percentiles to report nopctiles do not report the percentiles calculated by summarize, detail


mcmcsummarize calculates summary statistics of draws from Markov chains in Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) estimation.

The command assumes that you begin with a dataset in memory containing sequences of draws from one or more Markov chains. Each variable in varlist should contain draws of a different scalar estimand. The order of the draws is irrelevant.

The command saves results in the file specified by saving(filename). Each observation in the results file corresponds to a different scalar estimand. Each variable in the results file contains a different summary statistic.

By default, the summary statistics are the mean, the standard deviation, and all of the percentiles reported by summarize, detail. To obtain additional percentiles, use addpctiles(numlist). To skip the percentiles reported by summarize, detail, specify nopctiles.


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