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Sub-menu and Dialogs for Meta-Analysis Commands (Stata Version 8 only)


Package meta_dialog provides Stata Version 8 dialog boxes (.dlg files) and the commands needed to create a Meta-Analysis sub-menu that contains the publicly available meta-analysis commands. The 14 commands included in this package that may be placed on the menu are: meta, metan, metap, metareg, metacum, funnel, metafunnel, labbe, metannt, metaninf, metaninf, galbr, metabias, and metatrim.

The menu commands (shown below) are placed in your personal Stata profile.do file. They create the sub-menu on the StataCorp-defined User menu.

You can determine if you have defined a profile.do file by starting Stata and observing whether a line of the form:

running C:\data\stata\profile.do ...

appears on the screen as part of the initiation sequence. If it does, then add the commands below to that file and resave the file. If the line does not appear then you have not defined a profile. Create a plain text file containing the commands below, name it profile.do and save it somewhere in the Stata path.

You may choose not to create the menu and run the dialogs directly from the Stata8 command line via the db name command. If so,

--------------------------------------------------------------------- command... runs... description... --------------------------------------------------------------------- db meta meta 2.06 Meta-analysis of Effects db metan metan 1.74 Meta-analysis of Binary and Continuous db metap metap 2.0.0 Meta-analysis of p-values db metareg metareg 1.06 Meta-analysis Regression db metacum metacum 1.02 Cumulative Meta-analysis db funnel funnel 1.04 Metan-based Funnel Graph db metafunnel metafunnel 1.02 Funnel Graph (vertical) db labbe labbe 1.21 Metan-based L'abbe Graph db metannt metannt 1.0 Metan-based NNT db metaninf metaninf 1.0.1 Metan-based Influence Analysis db metainf metainf 3.0.0 Meta-based Influence Analysis db galbr galbr 2.0 Galbraith Plot for Heterogeneity db metabias metabias 1.2.2 Publication Bias in Meta-analysis db metatrim metatrim 1.0.5 Trim and Fill Analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Menu creation commands

Put the following commands in your profile.do (the lines are long and may wrap on the screen):


if _caller() >= 8 { window menu clear window menu append submenu "stUser" "&Meta-Analysis" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Of Binary and Continuous (meta&n)" " > db metan" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Of Effects (&meta)" "db meta" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Of p-values (meta&p)" "db metap" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Cumulative (meta&cum)" "db metacum" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Regression (meta&reg)" "db metareg" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Funnel Graph, metan-based (f&unnel)" > "db funnel" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Funnel Graph, &vertical (metafunnel) > " "db metafunnel" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "L'abbe Graph, metan-based (&labbe)" > "db labbe" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "NNT, metan-based (metann&t)" "db met > annt" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Influence Analysis, metan-based (met > an&inf)" "db metaninf" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Influence Analysis, meta-based (meta > in&f)" "db metainf" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Galbraith Plot for Heterogeneity (&g > albr)" "db galbr" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Publication Bias (meta&bias)" "db me > tabias" window menu append item "Meta-Analysis" "Trim and Fill Analysis (met&atrim)" > "db metatrim" window menu refresh }



Dialogs are available in Stata8 only, thus the leading if _caller() >= 8 { and trailing } lines above are needed only if you also run Stata7, but leaving them in will not cause problems.

The easiest way to capture these commands is to open this help file in your text editor, copy the lines, then paste them into profile.do.


Thomas J. Steichen, steichen@triad.rr.com

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