help metaparm_resultssets                                        (Roger Newson)

Output datasets created by metaparm and parmcip

The output datasets (or resultssets) created by metaparm and parmcip have one observation per parameter and data on their estimation results. After parmcip has executed successfully, the dataset in memory will contain the following variables (and possibly others):

Default name Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------- estimate Parameter estimate stderr SE of parameter estimate dof Degrees of freedom t t-test statistic z z-test statistic p P-value stars Stars for P-value minyy Lower xx% confidence limit maxyy Upper xx% confidence limit --------------------------------------------------------------------------

These variables contain the same information, and have the same characteristics, as the variables of the same names in the parmest resultsset. The variables estimate, stderr and dof are usually present before the execution of parmcip. THe others are added to the dataset by parmcip. The variable t is created only if the tdist option is in force, the variable z is only present if the notdist option is in force, and the variable stars is only present if the stars() option is specified. All of these variables may have non-default names, which can be specified by the options in parmcip_opts.

The output dataset created by metaparm contains all of these variables, and may also contain the following additional variables:

Default name Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------- idnum Numeric dataset ID idstr String dataset ID by-variables Variables specified in the by() option sumvar-variables Variables specified in the sumvar() option --------------------------------------------------------------------------

The variables with default names idnum and idstr may have non-default names, which can be specified using the nidnum() and nidstr() options, described in metaparm_content_opts. The by-variables and sumvar-variables aare also described in metaparm_content_opts.


Roger Newson, Imperial College London, UK. Email: r.newson@imperial.ac.uk

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