help for mido                                                   (SJ3-3: st0000)

Execute a Stata command on multiple (imputed) datasets

mido Stata-command


mido executes a Stata command on each of the datasets created by miset. Most commands can be used, except estimation and post-estimation commands. Defining value labels is also not possible with mido.

For execution of estimation-class commands with combination of results over imputed datasets, see mifit; for post-estimation inferences, see milincom and mitestparm; and for manipulation of multiple datasets, see mimerge, miappend, and misave.


mido is one of the suite of mi commands. Since mido applies only to datasets that have been created by miset, it can only be issued after miset. The Stata-command can be defined by a user-written ado-file.


Example 1 . miset using male . mido gen sex=0 . misave male, replace . miset using female . mido gen sex=1 . miappend using male . mido label data "males and femals" . misave both

Example 2 . miset using both . mido tab wave sex, sum(smk) f . mido tabodds alcdhi sex


Ning Li, Philip Greenwood, and John Carlin, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit, Murdoch Research Institute and University of Melbourne. Email: jbcarlin@unimelb.edu.au

Also see

Online: help for miset, miappend, mimerge, misave, mici, mifit, milincom, mireset