help for mifit                                                  (SJ3-3: st0000)

Obtain multiple imputation inference for univariate regression models

mifit [, indiv] : [xi :] estimation command

where estimation command may be one of

regress, sqreg, logit, probit, clogit, cprobit, ologit, oprobit, logistic, glm, poisson, svymean, svyreg, svylogit, svyprobit, svypois, xtgee

followed by standard arguments and options for that command.


mifit carries out estimation command to each of the miset datasets and then computes multiple-imputation point estimates of the regression parameters and associated overall variance estimates. Confidence intervals for the estimated model parameters are also given.


indiv causes an estimation result to be output for each of the miset datasets. The default is that only overall estimation results are displayed.

In principle, any options of the original estimation command can be passed along to mifit.


The xi prefix command can be used in the usual way within mifit to create dummy variables and interaction terms.


. mifit : glm drkfre sex mmetro austrn, family(pois) . mifit, indiv : xi : svyreg cistot i.wave*age, strata(id)


Ning Li, Philip Greenwood, and John Carlin, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit, Murdoch Research Institute and University of Melbourne. Email: jbcarlin@unimelb.edu.au

Also see

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