help for milincom                                               (SJ3-3: st0000)

Multiple imputation inference for linear combinations of regression parameters

milincom [, indiv ] : exp [, level(#) or irr eform ]

where exp is a linear combination of coefficients, which is valid syntax for test. Note that exp must not contain any additive constants nor equal signs (see lincom).


milincom computes overall point estimates, standard errors, t statistics, p-values, and confidence intervals for linear combinations of regression coefficients after mifit, using Rubin's combining rule. Results can optionally be displayed where appropriate as odds ratios, incidence rate ratios, or in generic "eform".


level(#) specifies the confidence level, in percent, for confidence intervals.

or, irr, and eform all do the same thing; they all report coefficient estimates as exp(b) rather than b. Standard errors and confidence intervals are similarly transformed. or is the default after logistic. The only difference is how the output is labeled.

Option Label Explanation Example commands ---------------------------------------------------------------------- or Odds Ratio Odds ratio logistic, logit irr IRR Incidence Rate Ratio poisson eform exp(b) Generic label


. mifit: xi: logistic drkreg i.sex*wave . milincom: wave + _IsexXwave_1

This provides as estimate of the OR per wave among females.


Ning Li, Philip Greenwood, and John Carlin, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and University of Melbourne. Email: jbcarlin@unimelb.edu.au

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