help mkest


mkest -- Convert variables to estimates matrix


mkest [if] [in], replace b( ) v( ) [depvar( ) cmd( ) obs( )]


mkest provides a fast and easy way to convert variables into estimates matrices e(b) and e(V).

mkest thus facilitates exporting of variables into non-Stata format through programs such as est_table, xml_tab, or outreg2.


replace is required since the estimates may be lost

b( ) one variable to be placed in e(b)

v( ) one variable to be placed in e(V)

depvar( ) specifies depvar name

cmd( ) specifies cmd name

obs(#) specifies # of observations, N


mkest is based on mkmat.


. sysuse auto, clear . mkest, b(price) v(mpg) replace

. eret list . mat list e(b)

. xml_tab ., replace . outreg2 using myfile, replace nonote noaster excel

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