help mlt                                  Katja Moehring and  Alexander Schmidt

Multilevel tools (mlt) - An ado package for multilevel modeling (Version 1.4 be > ta)

The mlt-package consists of five ados:

mltl2scatter is an easy way to produce scatter plots at higher levels. mltrsq Snijders/Bosker and Bryk/Raudenbusch R-squared (postestimati > on for xtmixed). mlt2stage estimates two-stage (or slopes as outcomes) coefficients. Can be used together with mltl2scatter to produce two-stage > plots. mltcooksd estimates Cook's D and DFBETAs for the second level units in > hierarchical mixed models (postestimation for xtmixed, xtmelogit and xtmepoisson). mltshowm shows the models which caused Cook's D to be above the cutof > f point. postestimation command for mltcooksd.


Katja Moehring, GK SOLCIFE, University of Cologne, moehring@wiso.uni-koeln.de, www.katjamoehring.de.

Alexander Schmidt, GK SOCLIFE and Chair for Empirical Economic and Social Research, University of Cologne, alex@alexanderwschmidt.de, www.alexanderwschmidt.de.