help mltshowm                                                 Alexander Schmidt

Postestimation command for mltcooksd


mltshowm [,] [all]

mltshowm is part of the mlt (multilevel tools) package.


mltshowm is an postestimation command for mltcooksd. mltshowm shows all models that caused Cook's D to be above the cut off value. mltshowm uses Cook's D for the whole model (fixed+random part). See the help for mltcooksd if you want to display selected models estimated by mltcooksd.


all forces mltshowm to display all estimated models.


Katja Moehring, GK SOLCIFE, University of Cologne, moehring@wiso.uni-koeln.de, www.katjamoehring.de.

Alexander Schmidt, GK SOCLIFE and Chair for Empirical Economic and Social Research, University of Cologne, alexander.schmidt@wiso.uni-koeln.de, www.alexanderwschmidt.de.

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