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moremata -- Various Mata functions


Online help entry Function Purpose ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

+------------------+ ---| Scalar functions |---------------------------------------------------- +------------------+

mm_kern() mm_kern() various kernel functions mm_kint() kernel integral functions mm_kdel0() canonical bandwidth of kernel

+-----------------------+ ---| Statistical functions |----------------------------------------------- +-----------------------+

Quantiles, ranks, frequencies, & summary statistics

mm_quantile() mm_quantile() quantile function mm_median() median mm_iqrange() inter-quartile range

mm_ecdf() mm_ecdf() cumulative distribution function mm_relrank() grade transformation mm_ranks() ranks/cumulative frequencies

mm_freq() mm_freq() compute frequency counts

mm_histogram() mm_histogram() produce histogram data

mm_mgof() mm_mgof() multinomial goodness-of-fit tests

mm_collapse() mm_collapse() summary statistics by subgroups _mm_collapse() summary statistics by subgroups

mm_gini() mm_gini() Gini coefficient

Sampling, resampling, & combinations

mm_sample() mm_sample() draw random sample mm_srswr() SRS with replacement mm_srswor() SRS without replacement mm_upswr() UPS with replacement mm_upswor() UPS without replacement

mm_bs() mm_bs() bootstrap estimation mm_bs2() bootstrap estimation mm_bs_report() report bootstrap results

mm_jk() mm_jk() jackknife estimation mm_jk_report() report jackknife results

mm_subset() mm_subset() obtain subsets, one at a time mm_composition() obtain compositions, one by one mm_ncompositions() determine number of compositions mm_partition() obtain partitions, one at a time mm_npartitionss() determine number of partitions mm_rsubset() draw random subset mm_rcomposition() draw random composition

Means, variances, & correlations

mm_colvar() mm_colvar() variance, by column mm_meancolvar() mean and variance, by column mm_variance0() population variance mm_meanvariance0() mean and population variance mm_mse() mean squared error mm_colmse() mean squared error, by column mm_sse() sum of squared errors mm_colsse() sum of squared errors, by column

Densities & distributions

mm_benford() mm_benford() Benford distribution

mm_cauchy() mm_cauchy() cumulative Cauchy-Lorentz dist. mm_cauchyden() Cauchy-Lorentz density mm_cauchytail() reverse cumulative Cauchy-Lorentz mm_invcauchy() inverse cumulative Cauchy-Lorentz

mm_rbinomial() mm_rbinomial() generate binomial random numbers mm_cebinomial() cond. expect. of binomial r.v.

+------------------------------+ ---| Other mathematical functions |---------------------------------------- +------------------------------+

mm_root() mm_root() Brent's univariate zero finder

mm_nrroot() mm_nrroot() Newton-Raphson zero finder

mm_finvert() mm_finvert() univariate function inverter

+---------------------+ ---| Graphical functions |------------------------------------------------- +---------------------+

mm_plot() mm_plot() Draw twoway plot _mm_plot() Draw twoway plot

+--------------------------+ ---| Matrix utility functions |-------------------------------------------- +--------------------------+

mm_panels() mm_panels() identify nested panel structure _mm_panels() identify panel sizes mm_npanels() identify number of panels

mm_nunique() mm_nunique() count number of distinct values mm_nuniqrows() count number of unique rows

mm_isconstant() mm_isconstant() whether matrix is constant

mm_nobs() mm_nobs() number of observations

mm_colrunsum() mm_colrunsum() running sum of each column

mm_linbin() mm_linbin() linear binning mm_fastlinbin() fast linear binning mm_exactbin() exact binning mm_makegrid() equally spaced grid points

mm_cut() mm_cut() categorize data vector

mm_posof() mm_posof() find element in vector

mm_which() mm_which() positions of nonzero elements

mm_locate() mm_locate() search an ordered vector mm_hunt() consecutive search

mm_ipolate() mm_ipolate() linear interpolation

mm_polint() mm_polint() polynomial inter-/extrapolation

+-------------------------------+ ---| Matrix manipulation functions |--------------------------------------- +-------------------------------+

mm_cond() mm_cond() matrix conditional operator

mm_expand() mm_expand() duplicate single rows/columns _mm_expand() duplicate rows/columns in place mm_repeat() duplicate contents as a whole _mm_repeat() duplicate contents in place

mm_unorder2() mm_unorder2() stable version of unorder() mm_jumble2() stable version of jumble() mm__jumble2() stable version of _jumble()

+------------------+ ---| String functions |---------------------------------------------------- +------------------+

mm_pieces() mm_pieces() break string into pieces mm_npieces() count number of pieces _mm_npieces() count number of pieces

mm_invtokens() mm_invtokens() reverse of tokens()

mm_realofstr() mm_realofstr() convert string into real

mm_strexpand() mm_strexpand() expand string argument

+---------------+ ---| I/O functions |------------------------------------------------------- +---------------+

mm_matlist() mm_matlist() display a (real) matrix

mm_insheet() mm_insheet() read spreadsheet file mm_infile() read free-format file mm_outsheet() write spreadsheet file

+-----------------------+ ---| Programming functions |----------------------------------------------- +-----------------------+

mm_callf() mm_callf() pass optional args to function mm_callf_setup() setup for mm_callf() ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


The functions above are general-purpose add-ons to official Mata.


Ben Jann, ETH Zurich,

The Cauchy-Lorentz distribution functions were provided by Christopher F Baum, Boston College.

Thanks for citing this software as follows:

Jann, B. 2005. moremata: Stata module (Mata) to provide various functions. Available from

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