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mtreatreg postestimation -- Postestimation tools for mtreatreg


The following postestimation commands are available for mtreatreg:

command description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- predict predictions INCLUDE help post_estat INCLUDE help post_estimates INCLUDE help post_lincom INCLUDE help post_lrtest INCLUDE help post_mfx INCLUDE help post_nlcom INCLUDE help post_predictnl INCLUDE help post_test INCLUDE help post_testnl -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Syntax for predict

predict [type] newvar [if] [in] [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main mu E(y), the fitted values (the default) xb linear prediction for outcome at(#) specifies the values of the latent factors at which to evaluate predictions.  The default is a 0 vector. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- INCLUDE help esample

Options for predict

+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

mu calculates the the expected value of the dependent variable; the default.

xb calculates the linear predictions for the dependent variable.

at(#) specifies the value of the latent factor at which predictions are evaluated.  The default is 0.


. mtreatreg y x1 x2, mtreat(d=x1 x2 z) sim(200) dens(gamma) . predict yhat . predict yhat, xb . predict yhat, at(1 1)


Partha Deb, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and NBER, USA.

Also see

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