help for orse                                     (SSC distribution, 24apr2007)

Save odds ratios and their standard errors after logit, ologit

orse [, add(string) ]


orse allows you to save the odds ratios for logit and ordered logit models as Stata matrices. It also saves the standard errors of the odds ratios. These statistics are displayed on the output if the or option is used in logit, ologit, but are not otherwise accessible. orse saves these statistics as Stata matrices or and orse.

If the only concern is to produce tabulated results of the odds ratios and their standard errors, they can be produced with estout, cells(b se(par)) style(fixed) drop(_cons) eform.


add(string) requests that the odds ratios and their standard errors be added to the set of stored estimates named string as e(or) and e(orse), respectively. This option requires that Ben Jann's estout package is installed, as it uses the estadd and eststo commands from that package. After orse is executed, you may use estout to display a results table containing the odds ratios and their standard errors.


. sysuse auto

. logit foreign weight turn length, or

. orse

. mat list or

. mat list orse

. ologit rep78 weight turn length, or

. orse, add(test1)

. estout test1, cells(or orse(par)) style(fixed) drop(_cons)


I thank Nicola Lostumbo for suggesting the need for this routine, and providing details of the necessary computations. I am indebted to Ben J > ann for providing the very useful estadd and eststo routines as adjuncts to estout.


Christopher F Baum, Boston College, USA baum@bc.edu

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