help for outfixt

Outputting formatted data in fixed format

outfixt varlist [if] [in] using filename, cols(numlist) [ format flist(string) dct(filename [, replace])]


outfixt lists varlist in filename.


outfixt writes variables to a text file in fixed format, at specific column numbers.


cols(numlist) is a required option specifying the columns in which the values for each variable should start. outfixt checks only that the numbers in numlist are ascending integers. It is the user's responsibility to check that the column specification provides enough space for data to be shown properly.

format specifies that the format of each variable should be used in listing. The format may be used to control number of decimal places shown and right- or left-justification. See format.

flist(list) specifies a list of formats for each variable. See format.

dct(filename) requests that a data dictionary be written to filename.


sysuse auto, clear outfixt price weight mpg using auto.txt, cols(1 11 21)


outfixt is a modification of outfix2 (by Nick Cox) which takes ideas from a program outfix (by Gero Lipsmeier), both of which are on SSC.


Austin Nichols austinnichols@gmail.com

Also see:

Manual: [R] outfile

Online: help for outfile; outfix2 (if installed), outfix (if installed)