help seeout


seeout -- Opens tab-delimited outreg2 table in the data browser


seeout [,using filename]

where a filename is a document to be opened. A minimum of two tabl-delimited columns are required for a document to be opened.


seeout will open a tab-delimited file created by outreg2 in the Stata data browser. It is designed to provide a fast access to the regression table without first having to convert the document into another format. seeout thus increasing the utility of such tables in iterative research.

If seeout is invoked immediately following an outreg2 command, then it is not necessary to specify the using filename. It will be automatically opened.

If no extension is provided, then .txt is assumed.


seeout using mytable seeout using "c:\myfolder\mypaper.txt"

outreg2 using mytable seeout


Roy Wada