^sf36v2^ program ___________________

sf36v2 calculates the ^SF36 version 2 score^ (SF36) from your records

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^sf36v2^ , acute ref(population) fsc(year) details suffix(text)

^acute^ specifies that the data refer to acute (1 week recall) form of the SF36 > score If this option is not specified, the score is used assuming that the da > ta have been collected using the standard (4 week recall) form

^ref(^population^)^ can be used to specify the reference population and year default reference population is US 1998 > . The program supports US 1998 and JP 2002 reference populatio > ns ^fsc(^year^) can be used to specify which factor score coefficients have to be > used for the computation of the physical and mental component score. De > fault coefficients are 1990 coefficients

^details^ will produce a table with the norms and factor score coeffients which have been used for the calculation

^suffix(^text^)^ allows use of suffixes to the variable names specified below Examples:

^sf36v2^, ref(US 1998) ^sf36v2^, acute d ^sf36v2^, ref(JP 2002) FCS(1995) suf(1y) >

Note: The variables containing the information for the calculation need first to be named as defined below. Suffixes may be specified as wished (see options above) > .

PF01-PF10: Physical Functioning Questions 1-10 RP01-RP04: Role-Physical Questions 1-4 BP01-BP02: Bodily Pain Questions 1-2 GH01-GH05: General Health Questions 1-5 VT01-VT04: Vitality Questions 1-4 SF01-SF02: Social Functioning Questions 1-2 RE01-RE03: Role-Emotional Questions 1-3 MH01-MH05: Mental Health Questions 1-5 HT: Reported Health Transition

Treatment of Missing Data: A scale score is calculated if a respondent answered at least half of the items > in a multi-item scale (or half plus one in case of odd nr. of items)

References and norms:

US norms according to: Ware JE, Kosinski M, Dewey JE. How to Score Version 2 of the SF-36 (R) Health S > urvey. Lincon, RI: QualityMetric Incorporated, 2000.

Japanese norms according to: Fukuhara S, Suzukamo Y. Manual of SF-36v2 Japanese version: Institute for Healt > h Outcomes & Process Evaluation Research, Kyoto, 2004

________________________________________________________ AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation Program author: Monica Daigl Date: 22.09.2010