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sizefx -- Calculate Cohen's d, Hedges' g, and the effect size (ES) correlation > (r)


sizefx varlist [if] [in]


sizefx computes Cohen's d, Hedges' g, and effect size (ES) correlations (r) for the two variables specified in varlist. The two variables specified correspond to the variables in a ttest, although the "==" operator is not used in the sizefx syntax.

The command displays Cohen's d statistic (Cohen 1988) using the pooled variance of the variables and Hedges' g statistic. The pooled variance for an unpaired t-test is used to calculate effect size even when using a dependent sample or correlated designs (Dunlap et al. 1996).

Additionally, it displays the effect size (ES) correlation (r) using the value of Cohen's d.


. sizefx age1 age2 . sizefx before after


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Dunlap, William P., Cortina, Jose M., Vaslow, Joel B., and Burke, Michael J. (1996) Meta-analysis of experiments with matched groups or repeated measures designs. Psychological Methods 1 no. 2, 170-177.

Thalheimer, W., and Cook, S. (2002, August) How to calculate effect sizes from published research articles: A simplified methodology. Retrieved 01 Apr 2010 from

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