help for slideviewer

Stata module to manage SMCL files displayed in the viewer

slideviewer slidename [ , post subdir(filepath) ]


slideviewer allows for subdirectory navigation of directories to display SMCL files in Stata. This can be used to show a series of linked SMCL files (like in a slideshow or presentation using the Viewer) that are stored in sub-directories. Also- The post option can used to post results or tracking information in r-class scalars that can be used to make the slide more interactive (like in a interactive tutorial presented in a series of Viewer slides ).


subdir defines the subdirectory that linked slides are stored in. The default sub-directory, if none is specified, is called "ignore". If you create a sub-folder (of the pwd) named "ignore" and put your linked SMCL files there, the program will discover these files when navigating across SMCL files. (By "linked" SMCL files, I mean files that are pointed at by some clickable link in another slide)

post stores the last slide viewed or clicked in `r(lastslide)' and the global macro totalscore in the macro `r(totalscore)'. These results could be used to track, store, or help guide other slides -- especially in the context of some linked SMCL files being used to guide a user through a tutorial or self-assessment.


slideviewer slide_next, subdir("C:\ado\myfiles\")

*Putting this code in a SMCL file:

{stata "slideviewer slide99, post":Next Slide} produces a link that navigates the user to slide99.smcl in the subdirectory "ignore" and posts the r-class scalars for other use.


Eric A. Booth, Texas A&M University ebooth@tamu.edu ebooth@ppri.tamu.edu http://www.eric-a-booth.com

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