help for soepren

Renames SOEP-Varlist

soepren varlist , newstub(newname) waves(numlist)


soepren Renames a SOEP-Varlist into newnames formed by newname and wave. Each newname starts with the string defined in the option newstub() and ends with an element of the numlist in waves(). The original names are stored as notes.

soepren is a dangerous command. It did not control that the variables in varlist are in the right order. It only controls that the varlist and the numlist share the same number of elements.


. soepren ahhnr bhhnr, newstub(hnr) waves(84 85)

. soepren ahhnr-khhnr, newstub(hnr) waves(84/94)

Also see

On-line: help for rename, renpfix, mkdat (if installed);