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somersd_mata -- Mata functions used by somersd


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blncdtree() blncdtree() create balanced binary search tree _blncdtree() create balanced binary search subtre > e tidottree() concordance-discordance difference t > otals tidot() concordance-discordance difference t > otals (inefficiently)

_u2jackpseud() _u2jackpseud() jackknife pseudovalues for degree-2 > U statistics _v2jackpseud() jackknife pseudovalues for degree-2 > V statistics

_somdtransf() _somdtransf() transformations used by somersd

_bcsf_bracketing() _bcsf_bracketing() bracketing a value of a monotonic bo > unded step function _bcsf_bisect() bracket convergence by bisection met > hod _bcsf_regula() bracket convergence by regula falsi > method _bcsf_ridders() bracket convergence by Ridders' meth > od



The functions above are used by somersd to calculate jackknife pseudovalues for sample means, Hoeffding U statistics and Von Mises V statistics, and by censlope to carry out bracket convergence in the iterative estimation of percentile slopes. The pseudovalues are based on concordance-discordance difference totals, which can be calculated efficiently using balanced binary search trees. The program somersd uses these pseudovalues to calculate delta-jackknife confidence intervals for Somers' D or for Kendall's tau-a.


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