help for ^soreg^                                                   (Mark Lunt)

Stereotype Ordered Regression -----------------------------

soreg depvar varlist [if exp] [in range] [,Maxdim(integer 1) Constraints(clist)]

Description -----------

soreg implements the stereotype ordinal regression model proposed by Anderson. Constraints may be defined to perform constrained estimation.

Options -------

^maxdim^ defines the dimension of the stereotype model to be fitted

^constraints(^clist^)^ specifies the linear constraints to be applied during estimation. The default is to perform unconstrained estimation. Constraints are defined with the constraint command. constraints(1) specifies that the model is to be constrained according to constraint 1; constraints(1-4) specifies constraints 1 through 4; constraints(1-4,8) specifies 1 through 4 and 8. It is not considered an error to specify nonexistent constraints as long as some of the constraints exist. Thus, constraint(1-999) would specify that all defined constraints be applied.

Remarks -------

Stereotype ordinal regression is an alternative to the proportional odds ordinal regression implemented by ologit.

Author ------

Mark Lunt ARC Epidemiology Unit University of Manchester Stopford Building Oxford Road Manchester


References ----------

Anderson, J.A. (1984). "Regression and Ordered Categorical Variables." Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B 46: 1-30.