help sqmdsadd


sqmdsadd -- Adds solution of MDS on dissimilarity matrix to sequence data


sqmdsadd using filename [, keep(varlist)]

Description sqmdsadd merges the solution of a multi dimensional scaling (MDS) on the distance matrix created by sqom.

The official Stata command mdsmat can be used at any time to run a MDS on SQdist, which is the name of the distance matrix from sqom. The values for the MDS dimensions are created with the post-estimation command predict, which requires the specification of a filename holding the predictions. This file should be added to the original sequence data with mdsadd.


With keep(varlist) only the variables of varlist are added to the sequence data. This is seldom used.


Ulrich Kohler, WZB,


. sqom, full . mdsmat SQdist . predict om1, saving(mds) . sqmdsadd mds

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