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sratio -- Displays a table of ratio study statistics, particularly for evaluating mass appraisal performance Syntax

sratio varlist [if] [in] [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Options sample displays general information about the sample assess displays measures of appraisal level reliable displays measures of reliability uniform displays primary measures of appraisal uniformity disperse displays detailed measures of dispersion coc displays measures of concentration brief displays measures of assessment, primary measures of uniformity, and measures of reliability detail displays in detail all measures of appraisal level and uniformity; by default if no other option is specified. level(#) sets confidence level(in percent); default is level(95) or as set by set level; see level ioc(#) sets the low and upper limit of the desired concentration interval; default is ioc (0.90 1.10) pioc(#) sets the desired concentration level in term of percentages (values between 0 and 100); default is pioc (10) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- by may be used with sratio; see by.


sratio calculates and displays a variety of ratio study statistics in a single table. These include measures of appraisal level, appraisal uniformity (dispersion and concentration), and reliability.

With the by option, sratio allows you to display the output by categories of a grouping variable.

With the different options available, sratio allows more flexibility in terms of the measures of performance presented.

sratio takes, as input, a list of two scale variables that have positive values.sratio implicitly computes the ratio of these two variables by dividing the first variable (the numerator) by the second variable (denominator) on the list provided (varlist). In appraisal ratio studies, the numerator could be the appraisal or assessment value and the denominator could be the market value.


. sratio AppraisedValue SalePrice . by Strata, sort : sratio AppraisedValue SalePrice . sratio AppraisedValue SalePrice, brief . sratio AppraisedValue SalePrice, assess . sratio AppraisedValue SalePrice, level(90) ioc(0.80 1.10) pioc(10 20 30 35)


Benmamoun, Mamoun, Public Policy Research Center, University of Missouri St. Louis , Saint Louis, MO, U.S.A. Email if you observe any problem or if you have any comment or question.

Remarks For detailed information on ratio statistics for mass appraisal, see "International Association of Assessing Officers. 1999. Standard on ratio studies. Chicago: International Association of Assessing Officers."


I would like to acknowledge Steve Gardner of the Public Policy Research Center at the University of Missouri St. Louis for his mentorship and training in this area of research.

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