help for ^stcoxplt^

Plot of Predicted Survival Curves (for Version 6.0): (J.M.Garrett 11/17/99)

^stcoxplt^ [^if^ exp]^, x^var^(^xvar^)^ [^adj^ust^(^covlist^) nolo^g ^nosh^o > w graph_options]

^stcoxplt^ plots the predicted survival curves estimated from the Cox Proportional Hazards model by categories of a nominal x variable (one survivor function); dummy variables are created from the x variable and renamed x2, x3, etc., with the lowest category the reference group; covariates are centered by default based on the observations used in the model, or can be set to specified values; optionally, the model is printed. You must have ^stset^ your data before using this command; see help @stset@.

Options required ---------------- ^x^var^(^xvar^)^ -- nominal x variable

Options allowed ---------------

^adj^ust^(^covlist^)^ -- any covariates (if none specified, unadjusted estima > tes reported); Covariates are set to their mean, based on observations used in the analysis, or can be set to user specified values (e.g., age=50 gender=1).

^m^odel -- display model as well as plot ^nolo^g ^nosh^ow ^xla^bel ^s^ymbol ^c^onnect titles

Examples --------

. ^stset weeks, failure(relapse)^ . ^stcoxplt, xvar(trtment) adj(wbcc) c(ll) model^

Plots the survival curves for weeks to relapse for leukemia patients by categories of treatment adjusted for white blood cell count; connects curves with lines and default symbols; displays model

. ^stset days, failure(died)^ . ^stcoxplt, xvar(celltype) adj(trt=1 severity) c(JJJJ) s(iiii)^

Plots the survival curves for days until death for lung cancer patients by cancer cell type, adjusted for treatment=1 and the mean severity score; connects curves with step functions and no symbols; model not printed

Also see --------

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