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Get Time Series Stock Quotes from the net


stockquote <ticker symbol>, fm(first month) fd(first day) fy(first year) lm(last month) ld(last day) ly(last year) frequency(d|w|m)

Description stockquote currently queries Yahoo's Finance API for ticker symbol historical values. fm, fd, fy stand for first month, first day, first year respectively, are numeric and tell stockquote the start date of the time series you want. Similarly lm, ld, ly are numeric and stand for last month, last day, last year respectively and tell stockquote the end date of the time series. frequency may be one of: d, w, m meaning: daily, weekly, monthly.

Examples The command below . stockquote ^GDAXI, fm(1) fd(2) fy(2000) lm(03) ld(4) ly(2008) frequency(d) will "use" the DAX index historical values from January 2 2000 to March 4 2008 > on a daily basis, whereas . stockquote AAPL, fm(1) fd(2) fy(2000) lm(03) ld(4) ly(2008) frequency(w) will do the same for Apple on a weekly basis.

Author Nikos Askitas, IZA, Bonn, Germany. Email: