help for ^strip^        version 1.00    PT Seed (p.seed@@umds.ac.uk)

Strip out unwanted characters from string variables - ---------------------------------------------------

^strip^ var, ^of("^character string^")^ ^g^enerate^(^newvar^)^

^strip^ removes unwanted characters (usually punctuation marks) from string variables, and saves the transformed string as a new variable. Uses include: converting numbers formatted with commas to ordnary strings, standardising codes that sometimes include spaces. Tidying up various types of messy data entry.

Options - ------- ^of^ specifies the characters to be removed. One or more characters are allowed.

^generate^ gives the name of the new variable to be created. Newvar will be a string variable; you do not need to specify this.fs

Examples - --------

. ^strip cost, of("$,") gen(temp)^ . ^gen cost2 = real(temp)^ . ^drop temp^

. ^strip outcome, of("eso") gen(out)^

Also see - --------

Manual: [R] @functions@.