help sum2



sum2 -- Store summary statistics suitable for use with table-making


sum2 [, options]


sum2 provides a fast and easy way to store summary statistics for use with standard table-making programs such as outreg, outreg2, estimates_table, xmltab, etc.

sum2 was motivated in part by mfx2 and margeff that do the same thing for marginal effcts.

sum2 will only report for variables and observations used in the last regression command. Therefore it will work only after a regression has run.

More specifically, sum2 will store the mean in e(b) matrix and the cross-product of the std. dev. in e(V) matrix.


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replace the stored estimates is replaced with summary stats. This is a reminder that you are getting rid of the previously stored estimates.


* use with outreg2 sysuse auto, clear reg mpg headroom length rep78 outreg2 using myfile, replace sum2, replace outreg2 using myfile, see noaster

* use with original outreg sysuse auto, clear reg mpg headroom length rep78 sum2, replace outreg using myfile.txt, replace nonote noaster type myfile.txt


Matsize limitations may bite if there is a large number of variables. Try increasing matsize in that case.


Roy Wada