Surface Plot 

^surface7^ Var1 Var2 Var3 , saving(string) ^round^(#) ^orient^(string) ^nowire^ ^xtitle(string)^ ^ytitle(string)^ ^ztitle(string)^

Description -----------

The function attempts to draw a wireframe plot from three variables. Var1 specifies the x-coordinate, var2 the y-coordinate and var3 the z-coordinate. Alternatively the function can draw a circle at each point and add a straight line going down to the lowest point.

This function can handle data that is not in the form of a matrix of values. However if there are too many x- and y- values the function will attempt to round the dataset values into a more reasonable spread of values. This will result in very messy figures. However in s uch a case it is the impression that is needed. Many otehr statistical packages require a full matrix of values. This is not a problem for the ^nowire^ option.

At present the state of rotating the diagram is limited to interchanging the axes.

Options -------

^saving^(^filename)^ this will save the resulting graph in filename.gph. If the file already exists it is ^DELETED^ and the new graph will be saved.

^nowire^ this suppresses the drawing of the wire frame in exchange for lines

^round()^, data is automatically rounded if there are too many x and y values. This option controls the amount of rounding, for example round(1) rounds the x and y values to the nearest integer.

^orient()^ this function must take the letters xyz or a combination of them. Whichever letter comes first is the x-axis, second is y-axis and third is the z-axis. Thus orient(zxy) means that var1 is now the y coordinates, var2 is the z-coordinates and var3 is the x-coordinates. This is different from changing the variables around since the wireframe is still draw across the original x and y values. This is a crude attempt to implement rotation to obtain a clearer picture.

^xtitle(string)^ specifies the title for the X-axis, the default is "X-axis"

^ytitle(string)^ specifies the title for the Y-axis, the default is "Y-axis"

^ztitle(string)^ specifies the title for the Z-axis, the default is "Z-axis"

Examples --------

surface7 x y z, saving(myfile) round(10) orient(zxy)

surface7 x y z, xtitle(my x title) ytitle(my y title) ztitle(my z title)